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February 15, 2020  

Fate’s Gambit - Episode 11: Looking for the Bathroom

Grab your dice and join the original party back in the moving fortress! We talk our way into finding the bathroom, give cardboard Izziah a fake mustache, and find Isabelle, Heathcliff, and Zee! How do we manage to make it? Find out in this thrilling episode of Table Quests!

February 8, 2020  

Spell Jammed - Episode 6: A Side Quest

Join the party for the thrilling conclusion of this side quest! We save some boats, almost die, and come face to face with a dragon! Grab your dice for the final episode of this side quest!

February 1, 2020  

Spell Jammed - Episode 5: A Side Quest

Ding dong, the Lich Queen is dead in this fifth episode of our side quest mini-series! Join the party as we do some remodeling of the obsidian fortress, seduce some dragons, and execute Order 66! Be sure to grab your dice for this explosive episode!

January 25, 2020  

Spell Jammed - Episode 4: A Side Quest

In this fourth episode of our side quest mini-series, we Disguise Self, Banish, and Misty Step our way into the heart of the Gith queen's fortress, but weren't quite prepared for what was inside. Grab your dice and join us!

January 18, 2020  

Spell Jammed - Episode 3: A Side Quest

Join us in the latest episode of the side quest! We forget snacks, go to space, and start a riot, but not everything is as it seems in the home of the Gith.

January 11, 2020  

Spell Jammed - Episode 2: A Side Quest

The party "brings the house down" on the second episode of this side quest! Literally. They destroy a house. Grab your dice and join us on this episode of Table Quests!

January 4, 2020  

Spell Jammed - Episode 1: A Side Quest

Nick runs a one shot involving some really weird horses. Join the group as they start out on this mini distraction.

December 28, 2019  

Fate’s Gambit - Episode 10: Slime Time

In this episode, the guys continue exploring the different test rooms, all the while trying to piece together exactly what they should do now that they have "found" an artifact. Being behind enemy lines is dangers. be careful about what lies in the shadows.

December 21, 2019  

Fate’s Gambit - Episode 9: Ghost of a Chance

after coming to a shocking realization, the party continues exploring the castle. How does the party do against enemies that aren't quite as... Physical?

December 14, 2019  

Fate’s Gambit - Episode 8

The party's journey through the mirror meets some resistance, and something feels... off. This is a combat episode! Stick around to find out one of the many secrets this place holds.